TESOL Course - 120 Hours

The TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Course is a 120 Hour course to equip the prospective teacher with the most comprehensive skills of Language teaching.


Some of the material that is cover in the course is as follows:


    •    Teaching Methodologies

    •    Learning Styles

    •    Classroom Management and EFL Evaluation

    •    Lesson Planning, Needs Analysis and Syllabi

    •    Teaching Writing

    •    Teaching Reading

    •    Teaching Listening

    •    Teaching Speaking

    •    Teaching Grammar

    •    How to find work


Added to this content there is an intensive practical component with a live Foreign Language class that is observed and monitored by your lecturer. There is also a comprehensive assignment that needs to completed before certification is completed.


The course is structured that prospective teachers are taught how to teach both from a structured textbook and how to teach 'Survival' style with little or no materials.


This is a 2-week intensive course (plus 1 week for assignments) that covers everything to make the prospective teach the best that they can be and be ready for anything in the EFL (English Foreign Language) world.