Private English

Having difficulty grasping all concepts in class? Why not add on one-on-one private lessons to your current class. Combining the social interaction of group English classes with the individualized attention of private English lessons can strengthen your language acquisition immensely. Focusing on your strengths and weaknesses in class and then focus on the areas that you need help with.


Lessons can cover General English or specific areas of difficulty such as pronunciation and grammar skills. They can also focus on specific areas such as preparation for an interview, writing emails or doing presentations.


Private English instruction is an extremely effective and thorough type of language instruction in which importance is put on the individual study aims of the student. Instruction is continually adjusted to the language skills of the individual learner.

We also encourage learners to inform us before classes begin on the areas they would like to cover.


Private English Lessons can:

    •    Help improve on areas of difficulty

    •    Individual attention with a        teacher for more personalized focus.

    •    Speed up language learning            progress.

    •    Focus on learners specific needs 

The need for practical English teaching for employees has never been more important.


English is often regarded as the number one international language and is therefore vital to the success of businesses.


An employee who is calm and confident in speaking English has a great advantage both professionally and personally when dealing with clients.


This course will provide learners with the tools to improve their business English skills in order to communicate in a professional environment.


This course is offered in a private setting or small groups.

Business English