English Courses

At the Cape Town English Language Institute we always strive for excellence, and as such we aim to give our students the best service possible. In doing so we hope that students leaving South Africa have a better understanding of the English Language and are able, with confidence, to go out into the world speaking English to the best of their abilities.

Our single level programme is based on a 3-4 week cycle in which students will experience classes that are specifically aimed at their English Language Level. At the end of each cycle, students are tested on the work that has been learned and evaluated, through continuous assessment, on class work and graded thusly. Students can then move to the next level and begin a new and exciting journey in their learning experience.

Classes are focused on an up to date course book that we regularly compare to international standards and teaching theories. Supplementary materials are added by one of our highly trained instructors to keep the lessons current and also to keep the lessons fun and exciting for the students. Our lessons are a mixture of the 4 skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) and our Language component (Grammar and Vocabulary) with a strong emphasis on communication in day to day situations.

As we are a South African Institute we also bring a South African Flavour to our classes, and as such, students will learn about our Rainbow Nation during their English Lessons.